Dahlia POT PLANTS - Cactus and Semi-Cactus

Dahlia POT PLANTS - Cactus and Semi-Cactus

Cactus and Semi-Cactus dahlias have flowerheads that are fully double with narrow, usually pointed, ray-florets.   Cactus ray-florets are strongly revolute for more than half of their length with the Semi-Cactus being recurved for at least a quarter, but less than a half, the length from the petal tips towards the centre of the bloom.  With their impressive flowerheads they are very popular with exhibitors.  In the garden they can provide a riot of colour and they are in demand for display as cut flowers.  Flower diameters range from the miniatures that are less than 10 cm across to giants of over 20 cm.

Our collection includes many well-known and some newer varieties with a range of sizes and a full pallette of colours. 

To ensure that the highest quality is maintained during transit orders are dispatched in specialised packaging that contains three pots.  There is a minimum order of one box of three pots.  Larger quantities should be ordered in multiples of three, for example, 6, 9, 12, 15, etc. pot plants.  Customers may select any combination of dahlia varieties from the same, or different, categories.

Our Dahlia POT PLANTS are available from APRIL until JUNE


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Dahlia 'Kenora Jubilee'
Kenora is a Medium Semi-cactus Dahlia.  Its pure white blooms are attractive in the garden and as cut flowers. ..
Dahlia 'Kenora Jubilee'
Quantity: 1 Pot Plant
Price £5.25
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