We supply tubers from dahlias that have been grown for one full season in pots or in the field depending upon the variety.  Our tubers are available from January to March and are suitable for customers who wish to propagate their own cuttings and have heated greenhouse facilities able to maintain a minimum temperature of 10˚C.  Alternatively they may be stored in a cool but frost-free environment until they are required for potting up or planting out in the garden once all risk of frost is past. 

Customers may select any number or combination of dahlia varieties from the same, or different, categories.  Our single standard charge for postage and packaging applies for all Dahlia TUBER orders irrespective of category or quantity.


Our Dahlia TUBERS are available from JANUARY to MARCH


Pre-Orders for Dahlia TUBERS for delivery in 2018 will resume in Autumn 2017.  The TUBERS will be delivered from January until March 2018.



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