Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)

Hippeastrum, commonly known as Amaryllis, are bulbous plants that are members of the Amarylidaceae family. The genus is native to tropical and subtropical regions of South and Central America but they have been intensively bred elsewhere since the 19th Century so that many hundreds of hybrids and cultivars are now available. Hippeastrum are tender perennials (RHS Hardiness rating H2) with large fleshy bulbs that are susceptible to frost so in the UK they are usually grown inside in pots.


With their archetypal impressive, easy to grow, festive blooms they have become increasingly popular as gifts for Christmas. Bulbs planted from October through to February flower from 6 to 10 weeks later to produce beautiful large ornamental blooms from Christmas through to Spring. In Summer the pots may be placed outdoors in partial shade and, appropriately cared for, they should bloom again for many years. 


The impressive flowers, supported on smooth hollow stems, 25 to 90 cm high, are mostly large and funnel shaped with colours ranging from red through pink, orange and delicate shades of white, often with exquisite markings. Depending upon the variety one bulb can produce several stems and each stem can support from 2 to 12 flowers.


We supply customers with top quality optimum-sized bulbs from our well reviewedGold Medal-Winning, collection that we deliver from September through to February ready for Autumn or Winter planting. Our range is listed under the headings Large’, ‘Double’, ‘Special and Cybister according to bloom type. Our single standard charge for postage and packaging applies for all hippeastrum orders.


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