Dahlia POT PLANTS - Fimbriated

Dahlia POT PLANTS - Fimbriated

Fimbriated dahlias have fully double flowerheads showing no disc.  The ray-florets are split at the ends into two or more points.  Fimbriation is found in most of the dahlia classification groups but is most common in the Cactus and Semi-Cactus classes. 

Our collection includes both well-known and some newer varieties with a wide  range of colours.

To ensure that the highest quality is maintained during transit orders are dispatched in specialised packaging that contains three pots.  There is a minimum order of one box of three pots.  Larger quantities should be ordered in multiples of three, for example, 6, 9, 12, 15, etc. pot plants.  Customers may select any combination of dahlia varieties from the same, or different, categories.

Our Dahlia POT PLANTS are available from APRIL until JUNE

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