Dahlia POT PLANTS - Pompon

Dahlia POT PLANTS - Pompon

Pompon dahlias are similar to the ball dahlias with double blooms not more than 5 cm in diameter, that are virtually spherical, with florets that are involute along the length of their longitudinal axis.  The first versions were produced in Germany in the 19th century.  With their precise shape and intricate form they often feature in competitions and exhibitions and are a favourite of flower arrangers.

To ensure that the highest quality is maintained during transit orders are dispatched in specialised packaging that contains three pots.  There is a minimum order of one box of three pots.  Larger quantities should be ordered in multiples of three, for example, 6, 9, 12, 15, etc. pot plants.  Customers may select any combination of dahlia varieties from the same, or different, categories.

Our Dahlia POT PLANTS are available from APRIL until JUNE


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Dahlia 'Willo’s Violet'
Willo’s Violet is a Pompon type Dahlia.  Its attractive violet pink flowers are suitable for multipurpose use, in the garden, in pots on the patio, as cut flowers and for Exhibition. ..
Dahlia 'Willo’s Violet'
Quantity: 1 Pot Plant
Price £5.25
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